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Use Relic Care to

Optimize Staff Utilization

How it works

Powered by AI
 Integrated with EHR


Enabling emotional, para-clinical and logistical conversations in 50+ languages



Open AI-Language Mode


Language Translation

Pre-Trained Aidiologists

Conversational Agent

24 x 7 service for your patients

Save Time

Saved time for your staff

Ensure Compliance

Ensure compliance

Relic AI Workflow

Relic AI provides Pre-Trained and Trustable AI Companions for your healthcare facility. These companions called "Aidiologists" are healthcare roles, ready to be deployed and serve patients in your facility.

Five pre-trained roles are available for use. Installation is quick and efforts minimal. Additional AI roles can be trained & deployed upon request.

Why Relic AI?

Computer with Graph

Easy setup

Set up Relic AI once, and you're good to go. Our patient-centered EHR integrated solution ensures a seamless experience for your patients and staff. 


No hassle. No code required.

Custom Aidiologists

With Relic AI's knowledge base & training tools, we can train custom roles in as little as a week's time. These new roles would be ready for use across your entire patient population with no extra efforts.

Five ready to deploy Aidiologists

Ease of roll out with EHR integration

Human-Robot Friendship

Multi-language Support

Conversational AI in 50+ languages. Be compliant with Section 1557 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Patient-centered design

Auditable & Compliant

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