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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare facilities are by law required to gather and consider patient feedback as part of various regulatory compliances and quality improvement initiatives. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects the overall need for compliance officers to grow by over 8% through 2026.

As of September 2023, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services had imposed monetary penalties in about 137 cases totaling $137 million. This is a financial threat which each healthcare facility needs to manage carefully by ensuring not only compliant but also auditable service delivery.

Compliance requiring patient feedback

Broadly speaking, various regulations fall into one of three buckets - Safeguarding Privacy and Ensuring Quality Care, Fighting Fraud and Abuse, and Protecting Healthcare Workers and the Public. Some of these regulations require patient feedback and while specific regulations vary by state, all states have regulatory compliance requirements that require patient feedback.

At times, patient feedback can become challenging in diverse populations where language barriers exist.

HCAHPS survey

The HCAHPS survey is a standardized tool used to assess patient experiences with hospital care. It is required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for participating facilities to receive reimbursement.

Informed Consent

Informed consent is a fundamental aspect of medical practice, and it involves ensuring that patients fully understand their treatment options and give their consent.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires healthcare facilities to protect patient privacy and maintain the confidentiality of patient information. Patient feedback related to any privacy concerns needs to be gathered.

Grievance Procedures

As a Healthcare facility, you are typically required to have a formal process for patients to file complaints and grievances. These procedures usually involve collecting and addressing patient feedback regarding their experiences.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Healthcare facilities are required to conduct patient satisfaction surveys to gather feedback on various aspects of care, from wait times to communication, with healthcare providers. 

Deploy Relic AI for Compliance Assistance

01 - Pre-trained for Patient Service

Pre-Trained Roles

Relic AI has been pre-trained for five roles. These roles can be deployed with little training to service your patients & their families 24x7.

  1. Emotional Counsellor

  2. Dietitian

  3. Rehab Therapist

  4. Social Worker

  5. Facility Manager

02 - Multi-Lingual 

Conversations in 50+ Languages

All Aidiologists are multi-lingual and can have conversations in over 50 languages. All conversations are translated into English and can be viewed by your facility staff. 

Your patients can also write notes in a language of their choice using Relic AI which gets translated to English, allowing easier communication between your patient and the staff at your facility.

03 - Auditable

Aidiologists are auditable.

Relic AI follows strict standards when it comes to the conversations which take place with the patient. Strict guard rails are followed - our Aidiologists refrain from answering any queries which, as per regulations, should not be answered by Artificial Intelligence. 


Relic AI is compliant with HIPAA and handles PHI in HIPAA compliant manner. Patient's PHI is never shared with any external systems. Audit & compliance ready reports are available within Relic AI.

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