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About Us

Conversational AI for

Doctor and Patient

Our Mission

Conversations in Healthcare face specific challenges:

  1. Providers and patients often speak differently, leading to a lack of understanding or worse - a misunderstanding.

  2. Patients and their families are often anxious and require more conversation time. Providers on the other hand have a shortage of time given the workload and staffing situations.

  3. There are other challenges that arise due to cultural and language differences between providers and patients.

Our mission at Relic Care is to change the way patients engage with their health care records. Using Relic AI, we aim to to provide an intelligent and seamless experience for both patients and health care providers.

Our Story

Relic Care was born out of the personal experiences of Relic Care founders.

While taking care of their parent's medical conditions, there was a growing realization of various barriers that exist for patients to get appropriate answers. Many times, these communication gaps can also result in misdiagnosis. These issues prove to be even more challenging if a patient is not progressing in a positive direction.

With over 40 years of technology & medical domain expertise between founders, Relic AI was created to solve Healthcare Conversation challenges using AI.

Holding Hands

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