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Relic AI

Relic AI

Conversational AI for Healthcare

Relic AI enables a conversational experience for your patients, their families, and your staff in a patient-centric manner. This conversational experience is available in over 50 languages.

Your patients and their families can get emotional, para-clinical, and logistical support without taking any time from your facility staff. The summary of these conversations is made available to caregivers for assessing patient needs and conditions in an auditable manner.

These conversations are made available through AI Companions (called Aidiologists), which are available to your patients in a secured web application that your patients and families can access. 

AI Emily

AI Emily, your patient's trusty companion on the path to healing! With expert therapy techniques and a sprinkle of warmth, she can assist in the emotional well-being of your patients during their hospital stay.

AI Daniel

AI Daniel, dietary wizard for patient friendly meals! He serves up personalized advice with a side of empathy, turning hospital meals into a tasty journey to better health for your patients.

AI Sydney

AI Sydney, a social superhero! With expert support and a side of cheer, she can be a digital buddy to your patients and explore social and community resources useful for your patients.

AI Roger

AI Roger, a rehab assistant for your patients! With expert guidance and a dose of positivity, he's always by your patient's side. Ready with encouraging advice, he can assist patients with their exercise routines.

AI Mike

AI Mike to field any questions related to your facility from patients as well as their families.

A 24 x 7 assistant to your facility manager.

Your Custom Role...

Deploy Relic AI for your patients in a manner that you feel would help the patient population you are serving.

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